Maple Creek & District Opportunities Inc.

Who We Are

Maple Creek & District Opportunities Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer board of directors who are invested in providing quality housing and essential support services to adults with a developmental disability.

What We Do

Maple Creek & District Opportunities Inc. offers quality supportive housing in a family atmosphere at our licenced group home, Horizon House.

We also work to maximize the potential of adults with a developmental disability by teaching and assisting them with housekeeping, menu planning, shopping, cooking, budgeting, banking, laundry, employment, health, hygiene, communication, public transportation, and other personal skills at both our day centre and group home, while encouraging independence and individual responsibility.

As well, we connect them to community by providing access to recreational, educational, cultural, spiritual and social outings and by supporting them in their vocational and volunteering pursuits.

As an adjunct to our work, Maple Creek & District Opportunities manages the SARCAN Recycling Depot for our region of the province.

Why We're Here

Developmental disability is a diverse group of chronic conditions which are the result of mental and/or physical impairments that are generally present at birth. Developmental disabilities are permanent and they may cause individuals living with them many challenges.

Adults with a developmental disability require more support to learn, comprehend, retain and use information. Their language or social skills can be affected. It may also mean that they require other assistance in their daily lives.

Adults with a developmental disability are able to participate fully in the community and they are good workers, volunteers, teammates, neighbours and friends.

Maple Creek & District Opportunities Inc. is supporting these adults as they develop their competencies, skills and talents and work toward achieving greater independence and the realization of their dreams.

7 Ways You Can Help

  1. Recycle at our SARCAN depot: Every time you bring your returnable cans, bottles, milk cartons and juices boxes into our SARCAN Depot, you are helping to ensure that Saskatchewan residents with disabilities are provided with opportunities for good  jobs, benefits and support. 
  2. Safely destroy and recycle your documents using our Day Centre's secure and affordable shredding service. Call the Day Centre at 662-4221 for additional information.
  3. Recycle at the 'Communities in Bloom' box: Donating your returnable cans, bottles, milk cartons and juice boxes at the purple 'Communities in Bloom' box on the east side of our facility, not only supports our local 'Communities in Bloom' project, but also provides income for the participants at our Day Centre.    
  4. Buy arts and crafts: Many of our Day Centre participants are involved in the creation of beautiful art and crafts which they sell to the public.  Contact our Day Centre Supervisor at 662-4221 to view what our participants have for sale or are working on.
  5. Hire an adult with a developmental disability: Some of our participants may be looking for work out in the community. If you are looking for a loyal, dedicated employee or someone to do a few odd jobs around your home, business or church, give us a call at 662-4221.
  6. Volunteer: Volunteers are always needed to assist participants at the Day Centre, on outings, or to help them participate more fully in the community. Volunteers are also needed to serve on our Board of Directors or in other helpful capacities. Please inquire and get involved in your community!
  7. Donate: Every dollar donated stays in the community and helps to enrich the lives of adults with a developmental disability.


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